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Foot Conditions

Foot Conditions

The following are some foot conditions that indicate that pedorthic management is needed:
• = Symptoms              * = Solutions
• Plantar forefoot pain aggravated by loading (especially hard surfaces).
*Unload and cushion MT heads
Claw Toes/Hammertoes
• Dorsal toe (PIP) irritation +/- toe tip pain.
* Accommodate with depth shoes or stretching, cushion – toe pads, toe crests.
Pes Cavus/Supination
• Lateral ankle pain and instability, lateral foot overload, pain and calluses; metatarsalgia.
* Lateral heel flair +/- wedging, orthosis with lateral forefoot post and MT head relief.

Tib Post
Post Tib Tendonitis or Rupture
• Medial ankle pain and instability, lateral ankle impingement pain.
* Semi-rigid arch supporting orthosis, shoes with extended medial counters or medial stabilizers.
Interdigital Neuroma

​Interdigital Neuroma
• Burning, tingling, aching pain radiating into two adjacent toes.
* Metatarsal elevations (pad) shoes with a wider toe box and lower heel.
Plantar Fasciitis
Heel Pain/Plantar Fascitis
• Central heel pain +/- arch pain.
* Initial: premade heel support or orthosis.
* Resistant cases: longitudinal arch support with rigid heel rim and central cushioning.

• Pain over medial or lateral forefoot prominence.
* Wide toe box shoes; longitudinal arch support; shoe stretching.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Severe hallux valgus; marked plantar MT head prominence, claw toes, bunionette.
* Accommodate external deformity – depth or custom show. Unload and cushion MT heads.
Plantar Ulceration
Plantar Ulceration
• Diabetic neuropathy.
* Full contact orthosis unloading high-pressure areas; rocker soles; depth or custom shoes.
The above should be used only as a guideline. Each patient’s prescription should be individualized to take into account their particular foot disorder and any underlying medical problems, such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, etc. Please consult with your physician for proper diagnosis.

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